Retail Collection

Retail Collection

Red Earth Designs have produced a retail collection of their handmade ceramics so that you can bring a piece of their unique talent into your own home. The style of this collection is quite distinct in that it combines the ruggedness of natural textures in contrast to the smooth and sleek appeal of porcelain.

Some of their most popular pieces include their range of porcelain doll heads - statement pieces that incorporate beautiful, whimsical and childlike mystery into a peculiar and eccentric design.

Their insect range of handmade ceramics is also something to admire. The bee range, in particular, features the little yellow insects that illustrate milk bottles, vases, ramekins and much more.

Handmade ceramics

Red Earth Designs hand make each of their ceramic pieces, with every design being conceptualised on paper before being hand-moulded into shape with clay.

The final result is a unique piece of ceramic that is unlike any other sculpture or artistic design. They create handmade ceramics that expertly balance light and shadow, producing unique shapes that become compelling to admire and appreciate.

Red Earth Designs have become popular producers of handmade ceramics in Belfast. Their artistic talent is now highly sought after, and they have now grown to provide five main aspects of their business: